Top Shot - 20mg Nicotine Salt Shot

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Top Shot 20mg Nicotine Salt uses 36mg salt nicotine (20mg equivalent) for a smoother throat hit and a more potent nicotine hit; they are available in a 70VG blend.

Designed to be used with shortfill eliquids, this nicotine salt shot will top up your 50ml of liquid to the intended 60ml and also add nicotine salt. 

For example a 36mg (20mge equivalent) 10ml nicotine salt shot added to 50ml of 0mg eliquid, will give you 60ml of 3.3mg eliquid. 

Although the nicotine content is technically higher than 3mg, the throat hit will be considerably less than a 3mg and the nicotine delivery will be much faster and more effective.