Tri-Core Alien Clapton

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Alien coils are one of the most complex, but beautiful coils that are, forgive the pun, out of this world.

- 27g 5 Wrap / 3mm ID = Single: 0.24ohm / Dual: 0.12ohm

You will receive a set of two coils inside glass vials with a free sample of the fantastic Cotton Junkie by Wick Addiction. 

  • Sold in a set which contains 2 coils (pair)
  • Ultrasonically cleaned in a state of the art stainless steel 6L ultrasonic cleaner on a 30 minute cycle with deionised (DI) water and then only handled using ceramic tweezers ensuring no one touches your coil until it is in your hands
  • Ohm estimates are based on a 10mm lead (leg) length. Install further from the deck posts for a slightly higher ohm value
  • Ensure your device can fire below 0.1 Ω, otherwise install one coil at a time to pulse (fire) the coil
  • Nichrome 80 27g core wire (Twisted Messes)
  • Nichrome 80 36g alien clapton (Twisted Messes)

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